How does SignMe™ work?

SignMe™ works in virtually any environment and is customized for every customer. Once a user touches the SignMe™ button, the applet guides them to an internal server where all of the print jobs are stored that have been sent (from any host). The jobs show up in line item view for the user on the touchscreen and will be named by any of the data in the job (for example: BOL Number, Shipper, Destination, etc.). The user presses the job that they wish to review and sign, and the document displays on the touchscreen. They can scroll through, add notes and sign with their finger.

Then, if the user requires a signed paper copy, the server is programmed to print one upon signature completion. The signed document is also automatically converted to a text searchable PDF and flows directly into any folder or document management system (SharePoint, DocuShare Flex, etc.) with all indexing information attached. Any naming convention the client wishes to use can be applied. SignMe™ can also send email and/or create other dynamic based HTML documents requesting approvals/follow up if required.