SignMe SignMe™ One Step Signing App

Print from Any Host

Jobs requring signature can be sent from any computer platform.

Sign Any Document

Regardless of file type, the document will appear and be signable.

Push to any Workflow

Automatically converts to text searchable PDF and flows to any folder or document management system.


What is SignMe™?

SignMe™ allows all printed documents requiring signature or editing to first appear on the touchscreen of any Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink device. Once the desired document listed on the touchscreen is selected, the document displays. The user can scroll through, make notes and sign the document on the touchscreen. The document will then follow the specific process the customer requires, such as print out for the user, convert to text searchable PDF and flow into virtually any end user’s content management system.

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How it works?

Press SignMe™

Simply press SignMe™ icon to begin.

Select Document

Select the document requiring signature and it will appear on screen.

Edit & Sign

Edit and sign the document with your finger and touch submit.

Archive & Print

Upon submission, the signed document automatically converts to a text searchable PDF and flows into any folder or document management system.

The signed document will also print out at the device if needed.

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How it Benefits your Company

SignMe™ eliminates costly paper forms and extensive labor hours scanning and indexing documents which are replaced with a seamless, one step end user experience.

Based on similar solutions implemented, savings are projected to be 70% on average. A comprehensive cost reduction analysis will be provided to each new customer before implementation is agreed upon.

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